Grievance Committee


If you or a group of people would like to exercise their right to file a formal grievance with Arvada Hockey, please do the following:

1) Document your grievance in a written letter or email.

2) Contact our Grievance Chairman.

As always, the Board of Directors encourages all of our families to wait the 24 hour cooling down period. If you are unable to talk to your coaching staff to resolve your issue, please contact your Age Division Director. If you feel this grievance needs immediate attention, please contact our Grievance Chair or our Arvada Hockey Association President. The grievance is reviewed by our entire grievance committee, and you will be asked to provide any information necessary to complete the grievance process.

Mike Grolnic

Grievance Committe Chair


Kibby McKibbon

Hockey Director

Shawn Reid

Assoc. Hockey Director


Graham Burns

AHA President


It goes without saying that no organization, whether PTA, School Boards or Sports groups, there are some issues or concerns that arise that need attention. The Arvada Hockey Association and our board of directors have taken the steps to allow you to report a problem or concern by establishing a grievance committee for our parents and players.

If the problem is with the coach or a member of the coaching staff, parent or official, we advise you to take the 24 hour rule (24 hour cooling down period from time of incident) to collect your thoughts and emotions. At that time, contacting your coach about another player, parent or a coaching incident, can occur via phone or email.

If you do NOT feel comfortable in doing so, please contact our Grievance Chairman. The Arvada Hockey Association Board of Directors appointed Mike Grolnic, as our Chairman of the Grievance Committee for 2023 - 2024 season. Mike is happy to help resolve issues/concerns/comments and has a supportive committee to quickly help resolve your issue and bring any concerns to the Board of Directors in an anonymous request if necessary.

Arvada also offers Age Division Directors that are members of the BOD and can also help you resolve issues of concern. Each of your age division directors contact information can be found on the BOD page for your players age group. If you feel strongly that this issue needs immediate attention, we encourage you to contact the Grievance committee chair, or either of our Hockey Directors or  AHA President, any of these members are happy to assist you in resolving your concern.

If you would like to remain anonymous, please state that in your communication.

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