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Welcome to Arvada Hockey Association and congratulations on enrolling your child in the most exciting sport in the world! We have learned over the years that not only do the kids need coaching, but a guide for our parents has proven to be quite helpful too!

This guide will provide parents answers to most of the questions parents of youth hockey players have when first enrolling your child in youth hockey at Arvada Hockey Association as well as understanding the needs for their players age division. It is intended to help understand how things work and where you need to go for more information.

A Short History of AHA

AHA started in 1969 at the now closed North Jeffco Ice Arena which was a single sheet of ice. It has a storied history and has seen many changes in hockey in Colorado. It began with Squirt-Midget travel and house teams. It has been a mainstay in Colorado hockey ever since. In the fall of 2000, the APEX center opened and AHA moved its club to the beautiful new two sheet multi-use facility. Today AHA boasts over 400 members and over 20 teams. AHA is a club which is a non-profit organization with no direct association with the city of Arvada or the APEX recreation district but does work closely with both organizations to fulfill its member’s needs.


The APEX Ice Center which is the current home of the AHA was built in the year 2000, and houses two NHL size ice sheets, a pool and water recreation area, basketball courts, and a fitness facility that includes equipment, classrooms and a climbing wall. It is located on 72nd Ave in Arvada between Indiana and Ward Road. The APEX center is open year around and provides AHA a first-class facility for its home games, practices and tournaments.

Registering your Player

The Arvada Hockey Association has an automated online registration system overseen by our association Registrar. The Arvada Hockey Association offers an installment program for all age divisions. Guidelines set by the Association for collection of these payments is through the Crossbar system. All monies are overseen by our Association Treasurer, and failure to pay may result in your player not being able to play not only for AHA but also to any other Colorado program. All club registrants that fail to pay association dues are reported to the Colorado Amateur Hockey Association governing board for review and potential disciplinary action.

Programs Offered at AHA

AHA offers several different programs for its members and provides options for all levels of play for both boys and girls of all ages. You are not required to have skating lessons prior to joining the Arvada Hockey Association. Depending on the age of your player, there are 4 programs that we offer: Competitive Travel; Recreational/Option; 8U/Mite (eight years of age and younger); and AHA In-House League.

RMHF/Competitive Travel (10U/Squirt, 12U/Pee Wee, 14U/Bantam)

AHA provides Competitive Travel Teams for ages 10U/Squirt, 12U/Pee Wee, 14U/Bantam. The teams compete in the Rocky Mountain Hockey Federation (RMHF), along with many other Colorado Front Range associations. Players that are selected for these teams are generally more competitive and require a larger commitment for players and parents. RMHF teams are leveled according to ability and typically practice 3 times a week, with 1 or 2 games on the weekends. There may be occasional weekday games for RMHF teams as well. The table below provides an overview of the age divisions and levels available at AHA. Depending on participant numbers and ability level, all levels may not be available each year. Competitive Travel (10U/Squirt, 12U/Pee Wee, 14U/Bantam).

Ages are determined by the age of the player on 12/31 of the year the season begins.

The AA level is the most competitive followed by A then B.

Division Age Levels
10U/Squirt 9&10 AA, A, B
12U/Peewee 11 & 12 AA, A, B
14U/Bantam 13 & 14 AA, A, B
CPHL/RV JV 15 - 17 T2 High School/CHSAA JV


The CRHL league consist of many of the same clubs as the RMHF and games are played at locations across the Front Range. This league is designed to provide a recreational level of play for ages Squirt through Midget. The level of play is typically less competitive than the RMHF teams but still provides a great environment for participating and learning the game.

The CRHL program is less of a commitment in terms of time and cost than RMHF. Teams play 1 ames per weekend and offers 1 - 2 practices per week on average plus a skills and drills session once per month. Additionally, goalies are able to attend special goalie training practices once per month. The season usually runs from team selection in mid Sept to playoffs at the end of February. This is a great place for a new player aged squirt to midget to start with AHA. CRHL teams are selected to try and balance the strength of the teams within an age division.

8U/Mite Program

The primary focus in the 8U/Mite Program is to introduce fundamentals and skill development while making it fun and developing a passion for the game. The 8U/Mite Program at Arvada Hockey Association will continue to follow the USA Hockey ADM (American Development Model). Please visit the USA Hockey link for more information on the ADM at In keeping with USA Hockey ADM, this season our Mite Division will consist of Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced levels.

The 8U/Mite Program will set the foundation for the players' hockey development and prepare them to progress through the older age divisions (10U/Squirt, 12U/Pee Wee, 14U/Bantam, and 16U & 18U Midget) where opportunities exist at Arvada Hockey to play on competitive travel, Recreational Option or In-house teams.

In-House Hockey League (IHHL)

The goal of the In-House Hockey League is to support new or beginner players with an opportunity to play hockey games as they continue to learn skills related to the game of hockey, without the stress of trying out for a competitive or recreational option team or conflicts with other activities.

The IHHL League supports and promotes:

•   Playing in games and learning the rules of hockey

•   Good sportsmanship and fair play

•   Make new friends

•   Have FUN

The IHHL intends to equally draft players to build the teams as fair as possible. It is our objective to give every player a positive hockey experience. We do not believe pressure to win is consistent with that goal. We expect coaches, players, and teams to have fun, win or lose.

Registration Fees & Team Fees

Every child that participates at AHA is required to pay registration fees for their participation. The registration fees vary based on age, level of play, and additional team costs. These fee are collected by the formal registration system. Typically, registration fees for mites are lowest and travel team registration fees are the highest. These fees vary slightly year to year and by age division and program. There are also may be multiple fees for a team. First there is a registration fee, this is required for your player to register to play hockey for a season at Arvada. Players who have not paid their registration fees cannot try out for a team. Once a player is placed on a RMHF or CRHL team they will be required to pay the difference between the registration fee and the travel / option team fee. All these fees are paid to AHA and are used to pay for games, practices, and other per team costs associated with running the Association.

In addition to AHA registration fees, each Team may collect a team fee for additional expenditures and may be used to purchase team apparel, cover tournament fees, and other team expenses. These fees are typically at the discretion of the coach and/or team manager/treasurer.

AHA does have a Financial Assistance program where players families can receive financial help from the association to pay for player registration fees. Financial Assistance does require a detailed application to be filled out regarding the family’s financial need. All requests for Financial Assistance are reviewed by the Financial Assistance Committee and are given out based solely on need.

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