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Bonnie Snelling

Team Fundraiser Chair



AHA Fundraisers for 2023 - 2024 Season

Team Merchandise Sales

Once teams are set at the beginning of the season, team fundraisers/team managers can sell custom items to help raise funds for their team. These funds can off-set expenses not covered in team fees, such as team parties, team gifts, end of the year coach and player gifts, etc. Teams can get creative and come up with their own items. Examples include stadium chairs, AHA logo blankets, logo skate towels, etched pint glasses, key chains, tree ornaments, etc… Teams are asked to submit their item to the Team Fundraising Chair for approval and to avoid duplication. Any item using the AHA logo will need to be approved in advance by the AHA Apparel Coordinator. There will be dedicated Team Merchandise Sale dates throughout the season where your team can sell your merchandise. 

AHA LUKI Fall Fest

AHA has partnered with LUKI Brewery to host a Fall Fest carnival style event. LUKI donates 50% of all sales to AHA and proceeds are split across all teams! We rely on every team for volunteer help for this event. There are games and fun for kids and adults of all ages!

DU Night

An AHA fan favorite, where University of Denver hosts Arvada Hockey for one of their home, regular season hockey games. AHA is promoted during the night, our Mites often are invited to skate at intermission, and AHA players have a chance to sit together and have some fun. A portion of each ticket sold on your team will go right back to you team account. 

AHA RV Night

A community event with a small fundraiser component tied in! AHA players and families attend a Ralston Valley High School hockey game to help cheer on our local high school team and folks have a chance to purchase hockey pucks to be tossed out during intermission to potentially win $! 50% goes back to AHA and is divided across the teams.  

DoubleGood Popcorn Sale

Teams can choose to participate in an AHA wide on-line sales event. The sale is set up by the Team Fundraising Committee in advance and dates are selected * usually taking place in early to mid-November.

Teams set up a ‘pop-up’ shop online that is tied to the AHA master event and all sales are taken on-line over a 4-day period. Popcorn orders all ship directly to customers and your team gets 50% of your sales!

Home Tournament 50/50 Raffles

Raffle tickets can be purchased in person (cash or check) from the Tournament Raffle Table at the Apex Center for home tournaments. The winning grid square is chosen at random, from purchased grid squares, and will receive 50% of the money collected and 50% will be retained by AHA to be divided across the AHA division teams.  

Dine-Back Nights

Throughout the season teams or divisions can host ‘dine-back’ nights by partnering with local restaurants or chains that will offer a % of sales during a scheduled night back to the AHA teams.  

King Soopers Program

Arvada Hockey is a member of the King Soopers Community Rewards Program (formerly King Soopers Cards) The funds raised will be credited directly to your player’s team budget. Enrollment is easy and all you have to do is shop! Just keep an eye-out for the quarterly e-mail request to submit your earnings.

Over the course of the season teams can easily raise $2,000 or more if the majority of their families participate!

Goal Can or Game Day Fundraising

Teams can do fun and easy game day on the spot type fundraising by passing a goal can around during the game for when your team scores a goal, or can do fun chance type fundraising by putting money down on game and player stats. 

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