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2018-19 registration

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2018 Summer Youth Hockey Camps & Clinics



Kibby Camp

Power Play Unlimited
Summer 2018 D-Camp Schedule


Sunday 7/29
2:00pm-3:15pm PeeWee and Younger
3:30pm-4:45pm Bantam and Older
Monday 7/30
5:15pm-6:30pm PeeWee and Younger
6:45pm-8:00pm Bantam and Older
Tuesday 7/31
4:00pm-5:15pm PeeWee and Younger
5:30pm-6:45pm Bantam and Older
Wednesday 8/1
5:15pm-6:30pm Pee wee and younger
6:45pm-8:00pm Bantam and Older

Kibby Camp

Power Play Unlimited
Summer 2018 Schedule



Week One Week Five
Wednesday, May 30th Monday, June 25th
5:15pm Mite  5:15pm Squirt
6:30pm Squirt  6:30pm Mite
7:45pm PW/BTM  
  Wednesday, June 27th
Thursday, May 31st 5:15pm PW/BTM
4:00pm Mite  6:30pm Squirt
5:15pm Squirt  
6:30pm PW/BTM  Thursday, June 28th
  4:00pm Mite
  5:15pm PW/BTM
Week Two Week Six
Monday, June 4 Monday, July 9th
5:15pm PW/BTM 5:15pm Mite
6:30pm  Squirt 6:30pm PW/BTM
Wednesday, 6th Wednesday, July 11th
5:30pm Mite 5:15pm Mite
6:45pm PW/BTM 6:30pm Squirt
Thursday, June 7th Thursday, July 12th
4:00pm Mite 4:00pm PW/BTM
5:15pm Squirt 5:15pm Squirt
Week Three Week Seven
Monday, June 11th Monday, July 16th
5:15pm Mite 5:15pm Squirt
6:30pm PW/BTM 6:30pm PW/BTM
Wednesday, June 13th Wednesday, July 18th
5:15pm Squirt 5:15pm Mite
6:30pm Mite 6:30pm PW/BTM
Thursday, June 14th Thursday, July 19th
4:00pm PW/BTM 4:00pm Mite
5:15pm Squirt 5:15pm Squirt
Week Four Week Eight
Monday, June 18th Monday, July 23rd
5:15pm Squirt 5:15pm MIte
6:30 PW/BTM 6:30pm Squirt
Wednesday, June 20th Wednesday , July 25th
5:15pm Mite 5:15pm Mite
6:30pm PW/BTM 6:30pm PW/BTM
Thursday, June 21 Thursday, July 26th
4:00pm Mite 4:00pm Squirt
5:15pm Squirt 5:15pm PW/BTM 

Pre-Tryout Conditioning

Register Today!

The Registration "Summer Youth Hockey Camps & Clinics - Arvada, Golden, Lakewood, Boulder, Denver" is not currently available.

The Arvada Hockey Coaching Staff would like to welcome our players to the 2018-19 season with a new and exciting pre-season camp.  This camp is open to the     Pee Wee, Bantam and Midget divisions.  We will be conducting a three-day off-ice conditioning camp focusing on Agility/Foot-Speed, Cardiovascular endurance along with Strength and Explosiveness, some of the key components to becoming a complete hockey player.

Please come prepared to work hard as this will test your mental strength, physical and cardiovascular ability.  Bring along a positive attitude and the passion to work hard as this will be a high intensity camp geared to add performance benefits to the player’s game.  Each one-hour session will consist of age appropriate training through USA Hockey and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). 

The objective of the camp is to help get your body conditioned for the upcoming tryout process.  We want to help players reach their full potential! 

Areas of Focus:


  • Agility, Balance & Coordination exercises
  • Change of direction, Foot speed and quickness
  • Cone Drills
  • Pattern Runs


  •  Hill climbs
  • Shuttles
  • Line Sprints


  • Plyometric activity
  • Lower body Strength
  • Upper body Strength

Registration for the camp can be found at

Requirements: Water, Sneakers, training apparel (no sticks & gloves needed)

Camp fees are $100 for all sessions.

Dates and Times:

  • Tuesday August 7th, Wednesday August 8th & Thursday August 9th at 11:00am – 12:00pm

Facility address:  14700 West 66th Place, Arvada.

*Questions/concerns please reach out to Marcus at or




2018-19 Pre-Tryout Camps & Clinics