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    Upcoming Events

    Fri 10/31 Sat 11/1 Sun 11/2 Mon 11/3 Tue 11/4

    Practice: Bantam B
    4:45pm MDT Ical_event_icon

    Practice: Midget A1 Gold, Midget A2 Black
    5:15pm MDT Ical_event_icon

    Hyland at Major AA
    6:30pm MDT Ical_event_icon

    Squirt A: Dryland
    9:15am MDT Ical_event_icon

    Practice: Squirt 1 Gold, Squirt 2 Black
    10:00am MDT Ical_event_icon

    DU at Squirt B
    11:15am MDT Ical_event_icon

    Bantam A at Bolder Green
    11:40am MDT Ical_event_icon

    Pee Wee B at Hyland Orange
    11:45am MDT Ical_event_icon

    Midget 2 at Summit
    12:00pm MDT Ical_event_icon

    PeeWee 1 at Arvada Pee Wee 2
    12:30pm MDT Ical_event_icon

    Pee Wee AA at Boulder
    1:30pm MDT Ical_event_icon

    Practice: Bantam 1, Midget 1 Gold
    1:45pm MDT Ical_event_icon

    Squirt C at Hyland
    2:15pm MDT Ical_event_icon

    Midget 2 at Summit
    3:15pm MDT Ical_event_icon

    Major AA at Roughriders U16AAA
    4:15pm MDT Ical_event_icon

    Minor AA at Hyland 2
    4:45pm MDT Ical_event_icon

    DU at Midget A1 (Gold)
    5:15pm MDT Ical_event_icon

    Foothills at Bantam B
    7:00pm MDT Ical_event_icon

    Practice: Midget 2 Black, Midget A2 Black
    8:15am MST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: Pee Wee 1 Gold, Pee Wee 2 Black & Squirt 1 Gold
    8:45am MST Ical_event_icon

    Hyland Black at Bantam 1
    9:30am MST Ical_event_icon

    Boulder at Squirt A
    10:00am MST Ical_event_icon

    Fraser at Squirt 2
    10:45am MST Ical_event_icon

    DU at Pee Wee AA
    12:00pm MST Ical_event_icon

    DU Crimson at Squirt C
    12:30pm MST Ical_event_icon

    Pee Wee A at Boulder Green
    12:50pm MST Ical_event_icon

    DU at Pee Wee B
    1:30pm MST Ical_event_icon

    Hyland 2 at Minor AA
    3:00pm MST Ical_event_icon

    Bantam A at Hyland
    3:45pm MST Ical_event_icon

    NCYH Blue at Midget 1
    5:15pm MST Ical_event_icon

    Midget A1 (Gold) at Boulder
    6:20pm MST Ical_event_icon

    Team Pictures: Bantam 1, Squirt 2 Black & Major AA & Midget A1 Gold & Minor AA & Midget A2 Black & Bantam A & Bantam B & Pee Wee AA & Pee Wee A & Pee Wee B & Squirt A & Squirt B & Squirt C & Midget 1 Gold & Midget 2 Black & Pee Wee 2 Black & Squirt 1 Gold
    4:45pm MST Ical_event_icon

    PWA Team Picture
    5:45pm MST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: Major AA
    4:00pm MST Ical_event_icon

    PeeWee AA Dryland
    5:00pm MST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: Squirt A, Squirt B & Squirt C
    5:00pm MST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: Mite Beginner
    5:15pm MST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: Bantam B, Pee Wee AA
    6:15pm MST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: Mite Advanced, Mite Intermediate
    6:30pm MST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: Pee Wee A, Pee Wee B
    7:30pm MST Ical_event_icon

    Practice: Midget A1 Gold, Midget A2 Black
    7:45pm MST Ical_event_icon

    Congrats to Bantam A! Aspen Fall Face Off Champions!

    Congrats to the Major AA team!

    Congrats to Major AA! Rocky Mountain Regional Silversticks Champions!

    Get Your Smile Ready!

    Players and parents...Mark your calendar for the Arvada Hockey Associations annual team and individual player photos! November 3rd will be team photo night...watch our calendar and website for exact dates and times!

    2014-2015 Mite Team Assignments

    Click the link below for your
    Mite Team Assignments


    Sunday Power Skate changed to Tuesday Morning!

    Coach Scarafoni's power skate sessions have been changed to Tuesday morning  6AM until further notice. 

    CAHA News

    • Sport Ngin Training

    • 08/04/2014, 9:45pm MDT, By CAHA
    • CAHA and Sport Ngin are pleased to announce the training for the Sport Ngin platform and scoring for the upcoming season
    • Read More